Sunday, May 4, 2014

But Now I See

It's been over a year since I've had my LASIK. I am sure you have been checking for updates since then about the outcome. Well, you probably haven't as even I forget about it, but since I had my last follow-up appointment with them a few weeks ago, I figured I should give a final update.

As a reminder, I got LASIK last year at Katzen Eye Group. It was pretty touch and go. Ok, it wasn't. It went perfectly and everyone was wonderful. I went back for my two month, six month and yearly check ups. Twice the Doctor had me read the 20/15 line (as in the line better than 20/20) and I passed! I think for the 20/15 it's really my educated guesses that are so good, not my vision, but there you have it: my vision is great!

The only other differences is that my eyes have remained pretty dry. I use eye drops first thing when I wake up, but that's it for the day. I also think driving at night is a little harder. I think the lights are more fuzzy and it affects my depth perception. I don't notice it all the time, then again, I've barely had to drive at night for much of the past couple years, so that could be the real problem. Those irritants are totally worth not needing to make contacts part if my morning and evening routines. I don't crush my glasses with my face when falling asleep on the couch. I don't have to buy new eye ware, bring them on trips, or worry about leaving anything behind.

One note: no eye group can guarantee results that last forever, since age would naturally change many people's vision anyways (ex: need for reading glasses). Some doctors have guarantees regarding future treatments. Mine guaranteed your eye sight for two years provided nothing happened that could alter your eye sight anyways (apparently pregnancy can do this - what in the world!). Another doctor I had a consultation with guaranteed free "touch up" LASIK surgeries, but the catch was that you had to go there for annual checkups forever after the surgery. My experience for the consultation wasn't a confidence builder though, and I didn't want to be locked in to going to him. Plus, the doctor I ended up going with had a Keurig, fridge full of free drinks, a nice little goody bag on surgery day for you and your driver, and so many free eye drop samples that I haven't had to buy any all year (and I use them every day). You know that sealed the deal for me, whether it was logical or not.

I am only a tiny bit sad I don't have an excuse for some cool hipstery glasses, but that is just because I am attracted to pretty, shiny things like a magpie. Or maybe because I'm quick to be discontent. Or really it's probably because I know too many hipsters.

Despite the minor minor inconvenience of losing my chance to be in the Warby Parker club (I know they have non prescription lenses, but can't really justify the cost), I've been thrilled with everything. The only situation LASIK hasn't helped me in is when I'm looking for something that is right in front of me. Ever have one of those moments?

Me: Where's my coat?
Other person (usually Jason or my mom): Did you look in the coat closet?
Me standing in front of coat closet: Yes! 
Other person comes over, takes a look and pulls pit the item: Here it is right in front of you.
Me: Oh.

So yeah, doesn't help with those situations, but I guess you can't expect a doctor to be a miracle worker.

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