Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 Christmas Letter

We don't have kids, or even a dog, so I felt somewhat silly sending out a Christmas card this year since cute pictures of couples tend to trigger my gag reflex, but lucky for us, we aren't especially cute.  I did send a picture card, mostly because since we moved, I felt like I'd have to send a change of address card anyways, and I probably needed to send a picture for all the people who forgot who we were, so I may as well make it a Christmas card. 

I toyed around with printing my own, but Costco can do photocards cheaper than I can anyway (in case you are ever tempted to do the comparison yourself).  Costco does have a cool feature where you can create your own design and just upload the jpeg. I did this in attempt to make a design that was more my style, but really just wasted a ton of time, and ended up with off-center text and low resolution pictures, which ended up working out ok, since one of the pictures was blurry anyways it just made everything look blurry. The other problem, as my brother-in-law pointed out, is that at first glance, it looks like we are friends with 7 billion people and are literally sending our card "To the world. Love, Jason & Sarah".

Speaking of pictures, we literally only had ONE good picture of us from the whole year, but we used two since we wanted to include something that was indicative of our new house - the main event for us this year.  We had a semi-normal, albeit blurry, one of us from the lake near by.  I need to learn a new pose besides that awkward hand-on-the-stomach one.

In past years, I've had fun writing a letter, but this year felt like I didn't have the time, and frankly, you probably don't have the time to read it!  So this year I tried to summarize as simply as possible.  I'm sharing it here in case I should have sent one to you and didn't! (Let me know too! Or let me know if you have suggestions for our card next year!) Thanks for reading along this year!

Hello and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! I’ve been trying to focus on simplifying this year, so in that spirit, and in case our last Christmas letter was a bit too wordy, we have tabular summary of our year!

Much love,

Jason and Sarah

Our Life - 2015

Beginning of the year
End of the year
Sarah's parents
Moved into our own house
Bank Account
Some savings for house down payment
Drive to train station
Walk to train station
Jason's job
Same place as Sarah
New job!
Sarah's job
Same place as Jason
Same place as the beginning of the year (but in a new role!)
Jason's hair
Still… NA
Sarah's hair
Short and dark
Longer and greyer
Home Projects
Planned: so many
Done: one
Redeemer Church of Arlington
Covenant Life Church
Nieces & Nephews count