Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas List Done. Check it.. twice!

It's not even Thanksgiving, but I already feel like the world is in full-on Christmas mode.  The decorations are up at Union Station, friends are already setting up their Christmas trees, even my ipod seems to shuffle more carols into my playlist.  It fills me with so much nostalgia and panic at the same time.  Nostalgia because I love the traditions and family and decorations. Panic because so little time for so much tradition and family and decorations! I shake my fist at you and all your holiday craft decorations, Pinterest!  And I didn't have a "friendsgiving"! And since when has that become a thing? Am I a bad friend? I'm not sure I can handle any more cooking or decorating.  And so many sales! And what do I buy everyone? And what do I tell them to buy me?

Who am I kidding?  That last one is actually the only one I have figured out! I have been trying to keep a running list on my phone all year just for this occasion! See, this year is a little tricky because we are also moving around the holidays (extra fun!) and putting most household stuff into storage. So as much as I would love beautiful house/kitchen goodies, I also don't want to wait until stuff like that gets out of storage to use them! Maybe you know someone who doesn't need or have room for house stuff? Or you just  need help getting gift ideas flowing? Well I am sharing my wish-list today in case you need some inspiration! (Honestly not meant as a hint for anyone - except maybe my husband!)

1. Rain boots: commuting in the rain makes for some \ sad and wet feet.  I used to have some rain boots my mom got me, but after a few years of wear they developed a few holes and don't keep the rain out anymore.  I like the shiny look of these ones, and while this teal version from target is also nice, I really want them in yellow.  And a yellow rain coat.  Because I want to look like the Morton Salt girl.  (I mean, I don't actually want to look like her, but I really do want rain gear in yellow.  If you're already wearing something that huge, it may as well be a fun color.)

2. Long sleeve dress: Am I the only one who want a long sleeve dress that isn't a fitted sweater dress with a turtle neck collar?  Big collars get too hot, any amount if wool makes me itchy, and I need something that will still look good after I've eaten pumpkin pie and Christmas cookies for a month.  It's surprisingly hard to find winter dresses which meet that criteria! I love the colors and geometric look to this dress from LA/Ghana-based company Osei-Duro.  I don't love the price or that it's sold out, but this one is in stock and still has a nice shape.  Add some leggings and a belt and I think the cut would work well for most.

3. Yoga and other exercise gear: So, I am late to the party on this, but I started taking yoga classes at our gym a few months ago and I love it!  I also biked to Whole Foods for organic bread last weekend, so I have become the epitome of the millennial/ city-dweller/ hippie (not to be confused with hipster) stereotype. I'm usually not particular about what I wear for exercise and think some of the exercise gear is just a gimmick, but with all the stretching and upside down poses in yoga, appropriate clothing would come in handy.  I like this lulu lemon yoga tank because it is long and fitted enough to stay put.  I also don't think we're going to stay members of the gym too much longer, so I'm asking for yoga videos, new running shoes, and bike accessories like gloves and a water bottle.

4.  Buxom lip gloss: When it comes to beauty products, I often feel torn, wondering if higher priced stuff is actually worth it.  Here is one case that I am sure it is.  Buxom lip glosses are some of the only lip gloss brands that actually works for my super sensitive and always-chapped lips. (Health alert: I've read that common lip balm ingredients actually make your lips even more chapped, causing a sort of lip balm addiction.  The ingredients are camphor, phenol, and menthol.  This explains why my lips seem to worsen with certain chapsticks because they are worsening. Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm addicted to lip balm.)

5.  Jewelry: I have one long pendant necklace my aunt gave me for Christmas years ago. I wear it a ton since it works so well with any kind of neckline, and I think I would like another in another color.  For example, this one by Charming Charlie. I mean really, when is versatile jewelry ever a bad gift?

6.  Small kitchen gadgets:  I know I said I don't want kitchen stuff, but I have two exceptions.  The first is this collapsible whisk.  I am kind of psycho about keeping my stainless steel pots and pans from scratching, which makes this plastic collapsible whisk not only fun but perfect for any kind of pot.   The second is a compact food scale. Because we often buy food in bulk, I have to guesstimate on whether or not I'm using the right amount in recipes.  A food scale would take out the guessing and would make a number-lover like me so happy!

7. Experience gifts: This isn't pictured, but I've seen articles that talk about how spending money on experiences instead of stuff makes us happier.  Of course, because I want to maximize happiness per dollar spent, I love the idea of giving experiences as gifts.  This could be a local cooking class, overnight hotel stay, tickets to a sporting event or concert, restaurant gift cards, etc.  (Ok, I didn't read all the articles I linked to.. some of them were a bit long, so I gave you many choices.)

So that's what's on my list and hopefully it provides good brainstorming on gifts for others (or maybe your own wish list).  Of course, there's always more stuff I'd love to have, but the entire J. Crew and Restoration Hardware catalog contents are not really an option.  (I shake my fist some more at you and your pretty stuff, Pinterest!)  Really, my big quandary now is what to get Jason?  I might have to look for ideas on Pinterest.  I clearly cannot win.

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