Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bathroom Before and After

One of the things that is fun about owning a home is that you can personalize it and make it your own.  Of course, when you are extremely indecisive, this can take a long time and therefore not quite as fun.  I spent months and month looking at paint samples, deciding on a "color-scheme" for our house and then finally finding the time to actually use the paint.

So I did some of the painting and installed the shower curtain rod as described way back in April.  There were a few remaining touches that are now finally done! The before and after shots below are actually from that initial painting.  The blue really wasn't bad, just didn't go as well with the rest of the house colors that I picked.

                                              step one...                                                     step two...

And below is how it looks now! See the difference? No? Look at the walls by the washer and dryer. No longer blue!  Final product:

Final Product!

Even though it's not that noticeable at first glance, this was the item on the checklist that took quite a while to work up the courage to tackle: painting the nook that housed the washer and dryer.  I was too intimidated to try to move it when I initially painted the rest of the room back when Jason was gone.  I was pretty convinced I'd get electrocuted or start a flood, so it stayed blue while the rest of the room was brown for a few month.  Painting always seems easy, but when you have to crawl behind appliances, it is not.

So one weekend when we wanted to spend way more time than planned painting, we finally tackled this project.  We actually didn't disconnect anything but the electrical plug, so never had to deal with water connections.  We just pulled it out as far as possible which meant I had a 2 foot space to crawl through.  Extra time was added to the project because it was horribly dusty back there so I had to clean that before painting, and we discovered the dryer vent was poorly connected, so we had to add on a trip to the hardware store to get new dryer vent connector pieces (so technical, I know).  I decided to just paint the nook white so if I ever want to repaint the bathroom, we don't have to go through the whole moving-the-dryer fiasco.

This before picture is actually from our home inspection.  You can see the difference in paint colors of the hall, the bathroom itself and the nook as well as the addition of our over-the-toilet towel racks and removal of traffic signs.

The other main project was this wall.  In the first before and after from April's post, the color changed, but I was still not thrilled with the "wall-of-towels" look.

                                 step one...                                                                   step two...

So there are still a lot of towels, but now we have these beautiful towel hooks!  I had these sitting on the desk for about two months, meaning to put them up.  And my dear hubby surprised me one day while I was out by putting them up and painting the spackled spots.  Definitely a great surprise for this girl! Bam!  Those shiny white knobs all in a row make me happy.  I was slightly concerned they wouldn't dry as well, but it's been no problem at all.

Final Product!

And the final before and after in as much of an angle as you can get in a tiny bathroom.  Again, the before picture is a throw back to the home inspection.


And here's the breakdown of costs for this project:
- Hooks: The Container Store, $24 ($8 each)
- Paint: Duron HGTV Ethereal Mood (the quality of this paint is awful), I think I got it on sale for around $30 and Home Depot's Behr Ultra White (my favorite for whites) which is around $30 not on sale
-Over the toilet organizer: Bed, Bath and Beyond, $32 ($40 plus 20% off coupon)
-Shower curtain rod: Bed, Bath and Beyond, $32 ($40 plus 20% off coupon)

Total Cost: $148

A few more final product photos:

And a source list for what we already owned:
-Shower curtain: Target, Jason's from before we were married (good taste, that guy!)
-Leopard picture:, reprint of a photo I took, purchased with a Groupon
-Magazine holder: Crate and Barrel
-Everything else is basically Bed, Bath and Beyond: the towels, basket above the washer and dryer, baskets in the organizer, and the clock, (one of my favorite gift off our registry.  I don't think they carry the exact one, but it's similar to this one. )
-Rug: Nautica brand but also from Bed, Bath and Beyond

So I know we didn’t actually do that much, but even what we did took about a year, so it’s an accomplishment for me!  Expect the living room update in about a year.

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